The Adrien Quatennens affair plunges rebellious France into embarrassment

The deputy for the North of La France insoumise (LFI) Adrien Quatennens, before the National Assembly, in Paris, on June 21, 2022.

It took five days for La France insoumise (LFI). Five days to react to the revelations of the chained duck on the handrail for violence filed by Céline Quatennens against her husband, the LFI deputy from the North Adrien Quatennens. Stifle the case or draw the consequences… During these five days, the two options remained on the table, to lead, Sunday, September 18, to a press release from the deputy. In this long text, he announces that he is stepping back from his duties at the head of the movement and undertakes to say “the facts which can [lui] be blamed".

Mr. Quatennens tells the story of his married life, up to the last holidays spent with his wife, before she signifies to him her wish to divorce. He claims that during several arguments, he "grab the wrist"he has "took his cellphone"specifying that by wanting to recover it, "She bumped her elbow". "In this context of the announcement of separation, I sent too many messages (…) to convince her that our difficulties as a couple could be overcome”, he wrote. Before confessing: “In a context of extreme tension and mutual aggression, I gave a slap. » These acts of violence, the 32-year-old deputy claims to want to draw from them “political consequences”. “I am stepping back from my role as coordinator of La France insoumise”he announces in conclusion.

Since the revelations of Duck, on September 13, he held interviews with LFI executives. Manuel Bompard and Mathilde Panot spoke with him on several occasions. Others, on an informal basis, also did so to tell him that he was " inevitable " to step back. Before Adrien Quatennens, the withdrawal of the nomination of Taha Bouhafs in the legislative elections had been done in total opacity – his withdrawal had first been presented as a personal decision, linked to the racism of which he would have been the victim during the campaign, then that he was accused of sexual assault. The accusations of sexual harassment against the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis Eric Coquerel have meanwhile been swept away internally.

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"Light years away from #metoo"

At the beginning of last week, the revelation of the handrail for potential domestic violence against Mr. Quatennens initially had a stunned effect among the "rebellious". Some wanted the case to stop there, others felt the situation was untenable for a political family that wants to be at the forefront of defending the cause of women. These two lines were still visible on Sunday, in this day of crisis for LFI, which sees the star of one of its most promising deputies fade. Adrien Quatennens, author of the book Generation Mélenchon (Seuil, 2021), had followed in the footsteps of party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon. And, if one day he had to succeed him, he was ready, on a legitimist line, without ever having failed the presidential candidate.

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