the anger of Cécile de Ménibus faced with the video of her attack by Rocco Siffredi

The former columnist for Sébastien Cauet’s shows, recently the target of a complaint, gets angry. The page from an old show where the star mimes a act against him resurfaces.

The video is a little over two minutes long. Italian ographic actor Rocco Siffredi mimes a act on Cécile de Ménibus , trying to pull down his jeans and kiss his . All in front of the hilarity of the set and the audience. We are in 2006 in the broadcast of “Morning of Cauet” on Fun Radio. While the host is the target of a complaint for an Internet user unearthed this sequence, which made the person concerned react on X.

Have you thought of me for a single moment?wrote Cécile de Ménibus on Sunday, addressing the Internet user who released this video. Have you wondered if opening my account every day and seeing the repercussions of your tweet could have an impact on me? Why didn’t you ask me if I could be shocked to see this moment again and again?she continues before defending Cauet. It’s obviously Cauet you’re aiming for. You are wrong. The only one responsible for this situation is Rocco Siffredi! He is the one who disrespects me and who will add an inappropriate act behind the scenes. I have already spoken about this moment. You force me to start again», Regrets the host of Sud Radio.

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For the former columnist of “La Methode Cauet”, this Internet user “mixes the eras“. “Of course, with our eyes today, voices are raised. But back then things were different. Yes I hate this sequence but we are all a little responsible for letting it happen. Let’s look at this sequence in context but don’t downplay the actor’s attitude, because that’s what you do! Not a word about him? For what ? So just be like I’m trying to be. This moment doesn’t belong to you, so don’t trample on it by hijacking the predatory name and name it,” can we still read.

A few years ago, Cécile de Ménibus had already explained this attack and recounted what had happened behind the scenes. “ He grabbed my neck and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I had to call security.”she revealed to our colleagues at Tele-Leisure. “ That’s everything I hate. It’s actually . Neither more nor less , she further qualified.

I called Cécile and told her to stop her circus”

Cauet in 2017

In 2017, on Puremédias, Cauet downplayed: “Rocco Siffredi, we know him. It’s a kind of animal. For him it remains a joke. At the time, this sequence shocked no one, it was put on DVDs, validated by Cécile. It’s not elegant, of course. It was meant as a joke. I don’t think he meant to do something wrong…”, he estimated, regretting that his ex-columnist regularly talks about it in the media. “ I called Cécile and told her to stop her circus. Sorry, but… I told him to stop bringing out that thing every time (…) Because every time it’s me who gets behind », he expressed again, also ensuring that he had not seen “kiss” behind the scenes.

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