the anger of the Ukrainian ambador to France after a column by Laurent Gerra on RTL

Vadym Omelchenko and Laurent Gerra on RTL RTL screenshots (editing)

Last Monday in “RTL Matin”, the comedian compared the trips of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Europe to a circus.

“What cynicism and lack of tact unrepresentative of the friendly people. Without empathy, without responsibility. » Tuesday evening, Vadym Omelchenko openly expressed his anger, via his Twitter account, about the column made by Laurent Gerra the day before on RTL. The Ukrainian ambador to France did not appreciate that the 55-year-old comedian compares the president’s trips to Europe Volodymyr Zelensky at a circus. “We see it everywhere, he was still at the Elysée yesterday , President Zelensky is on tour with his marquee. Immediately, a publicity page offered to help Ukraine »launched Jade parodying an advertit. “Gilles Margaritis presents: the Zelensky circus, on tour throughout Europe with its menagerie”chained Laurent Gerra to the sound of a br band.

Then to describe the “numbers” of the Ukrainian president: “Under the Zelensky marquee, straight from Brussels, come and meet the woman with the beard: Ursula von der Leyen . For young and old, come and have fun with committed clowns BHL and Ariel who receive cream pies dropped by drone. Do not miss Joe Biden, the American tightrope walker on his magic walker. And Macron who juggles with pans. The highlight of the show: the cannon man, provided by NATO! The Zelensky circus, last night at the Elysée and tomorrow in your town”. And to conclude that, soon, Volodymyr Zelensky would resume the abandoned Stromae tour ».

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While the “RTL Matin” teams laughed heartily at Laurent Gerra’s humorous column, Vadym Omelchenko lamented that such a serious subject was made fun of. “I demand an apology to my President and my people who are suffering and fighting for their freedom but also for yours and for the possibility of enjoying the lightness of life”wrote the Ukrainian ambador to France.

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