The Assembly of Corsica denounces “mafia excesses” on the island

Corsica is in the grip of “mafia excesses”. This assertion does not emerge from a note from the intelligence services, but from a report drawn up by the Assembly of Corsica, meeting in extraordinary session on Friday, November 18, in Ajaccio. At the end of a long day of debates, a motion was adopted by the majority of elected nationalists. Deploring the absence of reference to political violence in the text, the right did not vote for it.

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“A session as necessary as it is difficult”, underlined the President of the Assembly, Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis. “Difficult, because the main subject relates to criminal violence, too often to death and always to fear, she explained. We have come together to discuss mafia excesses, because yes, there is a fringe in Corsica that prevents others from prospering and expressing themselves. » From there to naming the mafia and denouncing a mafia system, like what Italian regions know like Sicily with the Cosa Nostra, Naples with the Camorra or Calabria with the ‘Ndrangheta, there is a step that the elected islanders, first and foremost the president of the Corsican executive, Gilles Simeonido not wish to cross. “Mafia or not? There is no consensus on this term,” indicated Maupertuis.

For the third time in its history in the space of forty years, the Assembly of Corsica debated a scourge which – named or not – plagues Corsican society and poisons the island. The last time that island elected officials took up this question was ten years ago, under the presidency of the communist Dominique Bucchini. At the time, there was no question of “mafia excesses” but of an alarming increase in violence and a constant increase in the number of assassinations.

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The “shadow side” of Corsica

In ten years, the situation has changed. But not in the sense envisaged by Corsican officials, both political and administrative. She got worse. Until about ten years ago, specialists in the fight against organized crime in Corsica counted at most half a dozen criminal teams whose activity plagued the island. In a note issued this summer, the direction of the national police now lists the existence of twenty-five organized gangs. They do not all have the same capacity for nuisance, but they establish a criminogenic climate. To the traditional and feared teams, many of whose members have been killed or are in prison – the heirs or what remains of them, of the Brise de mer, the Ajactian thugs of the Petit Bar or the robber shepherds of Venzolasca – are now added these new bands.

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