The astonishing quarter of an hour of celebrity of a retiree named… Barbie Oppenheimer

This American, found by our colleagues from Slate, had not foreseen the success of the films “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”.

This summer, the worldwide success of films Barbie And Oppenheimer who dominated the worldwide box office, gave rise to the neologism “Barbenheimer“. And it was without imagining that Barbie Oppenheimer really existed!

Barbara Oppenheimer, known asBarbieis a former professor of language pathology at Boston University in Newton, now retired in Machusetts. In an interview with American media Slate , she says she spent a summer that was hectic to say the least. “I’m on vacation right now, and when I checked into the hotel, I said, “Barbie Oppenheimer!” The guy said, “Are you kidding me?”»

“I sure to wear my Barbenheimer T-shirt!»

Oppenheimer is his married name. Her husband is indeed a second cousin to the 3rd degree of Robert Oppenheimerthe historical character who inspired the film on the father of the atomic bomb. This grandmother of five says she first went to the opening weekend ofOppenheimer. And after seeing Barbie a first time with her husband, she intends to return there with a group of friends. “NOTWe’ll all be wearing pink, I’ll be sure to wear my Barbenheimer T-shirt!she exclaims.

Unable to choose between the two films she says she loved “in a different way“, Barbie Oppenheimer confides: “It was a brilliant idea to launch them together. It really brought people back to movie theaters“.

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