The Black Basta group of extortionists stole more than 100 million dollars

In the United States, as a result of a joint investigation conducted by the Elliptic digital currency tracking service and the Corvus Insurance company, the Black Basta cyber extortion group was identified, Reuters reported. Perhaps it is a division of the Russian hacker group Conti.

Since its appearance last year, the group has stolen more than 100 million dollars, according to a report published in the United States on Wednesday based on the results of an investigation.

Cybercriminal group Black Basta forced its victims to pay at least $107 million in bitcoins. Most of the laundered ransom payments were sent to the sanctioned Russian cryptocurrency exchange Garantex, reports “Voice of America”.

In the report of the investigators, it is noted that evidence of Black Basta’s connection with the now defunct Russian criminal group was found. Previously, Conti was one of the leading cyber groups engaged in extortion.

After the start of a full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine and the announcement in the same year by Washington of a reward for helping to catch the leaders of the Conti group, it ceased to exist. Investigators suggested that Conti broke up into small groups, one of which may be Black Basta.

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