the Blues lose but hold on

Despite their heavy defeat against Sweden (4-0), French hockey players secured their retention in the Elite World Championship on Saturday thanks to Austria’s loss against Finland (3-1) earlier in the day.

No more scenario can condemn the French team, current sixth in group A, to last place and therefore to the descent. Even in the event of a three-way tie with the Austrians and the Hungarians, it would be the Magyars who would come down to the game of particular confrontations.

But the quarter-finals, which Philippe Bozon’s men have not reached since 2014, have also moved away.

Denmark, current fourth and virtual last qualified, has four points more than the Blues. They will therefore have to achieve a feat against the United States on Sunday (7:20 p.m.) then obtain a success against Germany on Tuesday (11:20 a.m.) to see the quarters.

The Blues conceded on Saturday in Tampere (Finland) in the first period the four goals, including a brace from New Jersey Devils striker Fabian Zetterlund.

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