the Blues opt for a revised Marseillaise but still with children’s voices

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The Blues during the anthems at the Stade de France, before facing the All Blacks. Andrew Cornaga/

French manager Raphaël Ibanez confirmed that before facing Uruguay on Thursday, “a recorded version will be played while preserving the voices of children”.

In Lille

Before facing the All Blacks Friday evening, the Marseillaise sung at the Stade de France caused much ink to flow, notably because the children’s choir who sang it in cannon, which led to a cacophony with the chants of the supporters. Similar problems were noted in several stadiums. Following the Blues’ first match, it was decided that the performance of the anthems would be rearranged and re-orchestrated.

World Rugby then offered the teams two solutions: either use a version re-recorded by the children of their anthem, or a return to the clic version. Before the Blues’ second match in the World Cup, this Thursday in Lille against Uruguay, the France team chose the option of a reworked anthem. This was confirmed by the manager of the Blues, Raphaël Ibanez: “We know that World Rugby is working on this subject and we have already validated a recorded version while preserving the children’s voices. This is what is agreed, this is what we expect and hope.”

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