The BRICS countries supported Russia’s presidency in 2024

The foreign ministers of the BRICS countries, during a meeting within the UN General embly in New York, supported Russia’s chairmanship of the ociation in 2024. A statement following the event was published by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Brazil, India, China and South Africa expressed their full support for Russia’s BRICS chairmanship in 2024 under the motto “Strengthening multilateralism for equitable global development and security” and for holding the XVI BRICS summit in Kazan,” the message follows. The Russian side informed the ministers about preparations for the chairmanship.

The foreign ministers at the meeting also discussed the issue of UN reform, including its Security Council. It is emphasized that this is necessary to increase democracy and efficiency. “And we supported the legitimate aspirations of developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including Brazil, India and South Africa, to play a greater role in international affairs, in particular in the UN, including its Security Council,” the statement following the talks said.

The ministers also discussed the situation in Ukraine, outlining their “national positions” on the conflict. They noted with appreciation the proposals for mediation and services for a peaceful settlement, the statement says.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine announced an increase in the risks of a global conflict. Lavrov emphasized that Russia insisted and insists on the implementation of all provisions of the UN Charter.

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