The brother of the murder suspect in Volnovakha confirmed his identity

21-year-old Anton Sopov and 28-year-old Stanislav Rau may be involved in the murder of nine civilians in the Ukrainian city of Volnovakha (Donetsk region), according to the anonymous Telegram channel “VChK- OGPU”.

Rau’s younger brother Leonid confirmed to Sibir.Realii editors that in the photo and video is Stanislav, who served in the 155th Guards Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet, and in March was recruited into PMC Wagner. Judging by photos from social networks, Rau served in the military intelligence unit.

“Now the whole family is in shock. We just can’t believe what he could do. I found out about it in the first hours after [убийства семьи, в том числе двух маленьких детей]. I thought, well, no, no. Then I watched the photo-video. Well, yes, this is a brother. The mother refuses to believe, she still hopes that some miracle will happen, Leonid said. – After all, we as a whole family asked to get him out of there, we went to military enlistment offices. I think it was the war that blew his head off.”

Anton Sopov was born in August 2002 in the village of Yaroslavsky (Khorolsky district of the Primorsky Krai), according to his relatives’ social media data.

In August 2023, Sopov and Rau were met by the governor of the Kamchatka region, Vladimir Solodov, who awarded servicemen in the Donetsk region. The official wrote about this trip in his Telegram channel.

After the killing of civilians, photos of Sopov posing with Governor Solodov Cheburashka, who was a gift, began to appear in pro-war VKontakte sites, where he was called a “fierce marine” with the call sign “Chemist”. On Sopov’s body armor is a Marine Corps chevron.

According to the “VChK-OGPU”, before their detention, Sopov and Rau were part of the so-called “Storm” unit of the Ministry of Defense.

Ruslan Sopov’s father was previously a judge, ASTRA Telegram channel writes. Since August 2016, he has been listed in the database of the Ukrainian site “Myrotvorets” as a driver-rigger of the anti-aircraft missile division of the 60th motorized rifle brigade (military unit 16871), which is located in the Primorsky Krai. According to the site, Ruslan Sopov participated in military operations in Ukraine as early as 2016.

The parents of the two detained Russian servicemen did not respond to journalists’ questions.

  • On October 27, 2023, in the Ukrainian city of Volnovakha, local resident Tatyana Kapkanets celebrated her 51st birthday in a house on Donetskaya Street. On the night of October 27-28, unknown persons broke into the house and shot all the residents and guests of the house, including two small children. Tatyana Kapkanets herself, her 53-year-old husband Eduard, their sons – Andrey and Alexander, Andrey’s wife – Natasha, their children – 4-year-old Nikita and Nastya, died.
  • Volnovakha was occupied by Russian troops in March 2022. During the fighting, the city was seriously destroyed. Now he is relatively far from the front line. The Russian authorities consider the city, as well as the entire Donetsk region, to be the territory of Russia.

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