The Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings win the NFL

On the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, we play a little more American football than usual. Instead of the traditional Thursday evening game, three meetings were on the program, to launch the 12th day of the NFL regular season.

The Buffalo Bills were the first to win, at the Detroit Lions (28-25). The Michigan franchise, which remained on three consecutive successes, thought it had done the hardest part, equalizing 23 seconds from the end, on a three-point kick. But, after a nice pass from Josh Allen for Stefon Diggs, Buffalo found himself in a good position to try a field goal in turn, and Tyler Bass did not flinch, giving the victory to his team. Only downside: Von Miller, the Bills linebacker, was injured in the right knee.

The New York Giants in slow motion

A little later, the Dallas Cowboys won at home against the New York Giants (28-20). At the break, the Texans were led 13-7, but then scored three TD’s to pass (28-13). Micah Parsons, the young (23) and talented linebacker from Dallas, signed two sacks on Daniel Jones, the New York quarterback. Saquon Barkley, the Giants runner, one of the best running backs of the season, was limited to 39 yards. Graham Gano, New York’s kicker, was himself highlighted by scoring a field goal from 57 yards early in the game. The Giants are marking time after a good start. They have lost three of their last four matches.

Corrected by the Cowboyslast Sunday, Minnesota Vikings reacted well, beating the New England Patriots (33-26). Mac Jones (24), the QB of New England, has yet managed the best game of his young career, with 382 yards gain. And Dalvin Cook, the runner from Minnesota, could only gain 42 yards. But the Vikings were able to count on Justin Jefferson, their excellent receiver, who collected 139 yards and scored a touchdown. Round 12 will continue on Sunday.

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