The business climate remains stable in November according to INSEE

If the situation “deteriorates somewhat in industry, construction and services compared to October”, it “improves in the wholesale trade compared to September”, specifies the institute.

For the third month in a row, the business climate remained stable in November, two points above its long-term average, according to data published Thursday by INSEE. Maintaining the index at its level of September and October (102) resultscontrasting developmentsaccording to the National Institute of Statistics (INSEE):the economic situation deteriorated somewhat in industry, construction and services compared to October, but improved in wholesale trade compared to September.»

In construction (113) as in services (104), the business climate deteriorated by two points in November but remains well above the long-term average, set at 100 by agreement. Compared to October, the industry sector also lost two points (101) and is approaching the fateful threshold, “business leaders being less positive about their recent activity and order books», Details the Insee.

Conversely, in wholesale trade, the business climate improved in November 2022 compared to Septemberto settle at 102. It is “driven by a rise in balances of opinion relating to deliveries received from abroad and past sales“.

The last sector studied by INSEE, retail trade, was characterized by its stability in November and remained three points below its long-term average. The employment climate fell by one point compared to October but remained very well oriented (108).

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