the CEO calls on controllers to “think carefully” before launching the movement

Jean-Pierre Farandou, CEO of SNCF, during the European rail summit in Saint-Denis, February 21, 2022.

While the CGT and SUD-Rail are calling on the controllers to strike this weekend, in the middle of school holidays, the CEO of the SNCF has called on them ” think about it “ And “to get the dimension right” concessions made by management, before carrying out their threat. “We are increasing employment, we are increasing wages, we are proposing a platform for social progress, I do not see why in response we would have a disruption for the French who want to go on vacation”estimated Jean-Pierre Farandou on RTLTuesday February 13.

In an attempt to avoid the strike movement in the middle of school holidays in zone C (Ile-de-France) and at the start of those in zone A (Bordeaux, Lyon, Grenoble, etc.), management has decided to pay a new bonus of 400 euros for railway workers in March, announced an increase in the residence allowance for employees living where the real estate market is in tension, agreed to 3,000 additional promotions and promised the creation of 1,100 additional jobs (including 200 controllers), according to the CEO. He considers that the other demands, linked to the work bonus for controllers and the gradual cessation of activity, must for their part be addressed ” Cold “.

The UNSA did not file a strike notice, while the CFDT-Cheminots lifted its notice after the announcement of these concessions. But these announcements do not quench the anger at SUD-Rail. “Given the results of the latest negotiations and the proposals that are on the table, very, very, very far from the demands of the controllers (…)I don’t see how we could not go as far as conflict this weekend.” declared Tuesday Fabien Villedieu, union delegate at the SNCF, also at the microphone of RTL.

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The traffic plan planned by the SNCF communicated on Wednesday

While a bonus of 400 euros for controllers was promised, he believes that this is not enough: “What we want are lasting measures.” The SUD-Rail representative notably defended instead “a gross monthly increase of 150 to 200 euros”, while denouncing the communication and “smoky measures” of management.

“It’s complicated to say yes to everything, because it’s also the boss’s role to say what is possible and what is not”, estimated Jean-Pierre Farandou for his part. He particularly insisted on the need to “social coherence” between the different professions within the group, considering that “it is not because we have the capacity to embarr the French that we should obtain more”.

As a disrupted weekend approaches in the stations, “I really regret that the SNCF cannot be completely there”he said, promising that “all cities will be served”. “If today I manage to convince a controller not to strike, that’s 500 more French people who can go on vacation”he further explained.

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The SUD-Rail union delegate announced for his part thatr BFM-TV/RMC that the movement promises to be very “monitoring”: “Today, the declaration rates that we have, it depends on the deposits and the controllers, but it goes at least between 60% and 90%”. Enough to disrupt rail traffic, since most trains are not authorized to run without controllers. However, these figures are currently unofficial, while the SNCF must communicate on Wednesday morning its adapted traffic plan for the weekend, depending on the scale of the social movement.

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