the Cincinnati Masters 1000 relocated to Charlotte by 2026?

With the new Masters 1000 formulas, the Cincinnati tournament could be relocated as early as 2026.

With the new Masters 1000 and WTA 1000 formulas, the calendars have been turned upside down and the organization of the tournaments modified. Like the Masters 1000 of Madrid and of Rome which were stretched over two weeks with 12 days of competition. Conversely, some have chosen to keep the same operation with a single week of competition (Monte Carlo And Paris-Bercy). Re Cincinnattithe lengthening to 12 days should occur in 2025.

With this change, beyond the qualifications, nearly 200 players will participate in the tournament. This is why the idea of ​​relocating the tournament from 2026 to Charlotte, North Carolina is being considered. In this idea, a tennis complex could be built. A huge project of 400 million dollars with 40 courts and four stadiums is envisaged.

Maintaining the tournament in Cincinnati remains a possibility. ” Our process in other cities is following the same course we took in Greater Cincinnati, both presenting the benefits of the tournament to the local community as well as essing the opportunities and constraints the region presents. We had productive conversations with state and local officials in Mason and surrounding areas and worked hard to develop a potential master plan to expand the event to its current location. “, can we read in a press release.

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