The clip “So beautiful” has disappeared from the Internet resources of the singer Sergey Lazarev

The clip for the song “So Beautiful”, released in 2017, has disappeared from the Internet resources of the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev – YouTube channel and website. Telegram channel “Podyom” drew attention to this.

A day earlier, the district court in St. Petersburg fined the Avia TV music channel half a million rubles in the case of LGBT propaganda after the airing of Lazarev’s clip.

In the administrative protocol published by the press service of the St. Petersburg courts, it was said that the clip shows “hands caressing each other,” which is considered “the interaction of persons broadcasting their preferences.”

The clip was published with a mark for an audience over 18 years old. It starred several and hetero couples of different ages, as well as families with small children in their arms. In the video, people hug, kiss and hold hands.

  • On November 30, at the request of the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Russia decided to ban the non-existent international LGBT movement and declare it extremist.
  • The recognition of one or another extremist organization in Russia means, among other things, a ban on the demonstration of its symbols, and any non-negative essment can be interpreted as a justification of extremism or calls for the implementation of extremist activities. For participation in the activities of an extremist organization, its founder or leader can receive up to 10 years of imprisonment, and its participants – up to six years.
  • Since there is no “international public LGBT movement” in Russia, it is not clear what organizations and exactly how the ban on its activities will be affected. Some lawyers, for example, do not rule out risks for visitors to gay and lesbian clubs.

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