The CNOSF still under tension since the withdrawal of Brigitte Henriques

The presidents of the dance, rowing and even volleyball federations asked for access to several of the committee’s financial documents in order to ” testify to the reality of the facts which could support the aforementioned possible embezzlement or raise any suspicion “.

Note that neither the CNOSF statutes, nor its internal regulations or its financial regulations entrust individual missions to the CNOSF administrators outside of its collegial form and under the conditions defined in these same texts; only the president, the secretary general and the treasurer are expressly mentioned as having specific prerogatives not relating, moreover, to a power of audit of the CNOSF as such “, answer the four leaders.

A situation that has become “untenable”

Michel Callot (cycling), Jean-Pierre Siutat (basketball), Sébastien Poirier (motorcycle) and Astrid Guyart specify, in their response, to remain “ at the disposal of justice to communicate to it any element likely to enable it to accomplish its mission as part of the investigation of this complaint.

They point out that ” the documents requested contain a great deal of information that may be subject to business secrecy as well as personal data, in particular concerning CNOSF staff; we must therefore ensure that we respect an acceptable framework for the dissemination of this information “. And suggest to the administrators to “ entrust this audit mission to an independent auditor or a jointly appointed financial audit firm “.

Following the next episode, perhaps before the December 15 CNOSF board meeting, since several Federation presidents have planned to meet this Wednesday evening to discuss the situation that has become ” untenable “.

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