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The Minister of Culture, November 8, at the Élysée. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

The tenant of rue de Valois, Rima Abdul Malak, questions the access of minors to this trashy show broadcast on MTV and Paramount +.

This new production puts a blow to the phenomenon of sanitation which has affected the genre of reality TV in recent years. Increasingly shunned by the public and broadcast at prime time, these shows had to be careful with their language and images. Here, there is little or no censorship, because “Frenchie Shore” is visible in the second part of the evening and on a platform. We are witnessing, with her, the return of the old trash TV.

This show from the United States and broadcast since November 12 on the MTV channel and the Paramount + platform takes ten candidates who are, to say the least, noisy and focused on sex, to a villa in Cap d’Agde. Trash sequences punctuate the episodes, which are widely commented on on social networks.

The minister’s warning

The Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak was questioned, during an interview in The Parisian , on this reality show produced by Ah! Production, company owned by the host Arthur. “I will be careful not to comment on the choices of channels and platforms which have their editorial freedom. This program is not recommended for children under 16 years old. But anyone can come across it on social media like it happened to me. »

For adolescents who say to themselves, this is the reality of human relationships, this can be a catastrophic introduction. »

Rima Abdul Malak

“The Arcom (The Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication, Editor’s note), contrary to what I have read, has jurisdiction over platforms for the protection of minors. What raises questions is access to minors, because we are on the verge of ography, and it is reality TV. We are not in the register of fiction, of a film or a series, with the hindsight that that implies », recalls the Minister of Culture.

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For adolescents who say to themselves, this is the reality of human relations, of relations, this can be a catastrophic introduction”, continues Rima Abdul Malak. In the same vein, Arcom released worrying figures last May on the explosion of minors’ exposure to ography. It remains to be seen what, after reports, the regulatory authority can do to limit the access of young people to this Paramount + program. Contacted, the media policeman told us that he was not in a position to take action. “The publisher of MTV is established in the Czech Republic and that of Paramount +, in Berlin. It is the regulator of the country of establishment which is competent to act”we were told.

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