the confidences of Anne Hidalgo, who does not exclude a new candidacy in Paris

Anne Hidalgo, the socialist mayor of Paris Pauline Gauer

LE FIGARO INFO – Despite the “ordeal” of the presidential election, the mayor of Paris does not close the door to a new campaign for a third term in 2026.

Is the resurrection one of the miracles of politics? After his disastrous score in the presidential election, which courtesy should oblige to keep quiet (1.74%), Anne Hidalgo wants to believe in his salvation. “When you make a score like that, you necessarily wonder about yourself, about the consequences for your image, but Anne Hidalgo likes fighting. It is a quality that everyone recognizes in him., blows the faithful Bernard Jomier, at the head of the small local party “Paris in common”. At City Hall, many were marked by his very quick return to business, but above all by his ability to let nothing show through. “She has a strength of character, a work force and a vision of Paris that commands respect”greets Lamia El Aaraje, one of his socialist istants, president of the PS federation of Paris.

“No regrets”

More than a year after the sinking, Anne Hidalgo claims to have drawn the balance sheet. “It was an ordeal, but I have no regrets”she ures Figaro

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