the controversy continues to swell, the rapper reacts

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Médine will go to the Drôme on August 26 to participate in AmFis, the summer university of La France insoumise. Marshal Aurore/ABACA

While environmentalists and rebels claim to share certain struggles with the singer, the RN qualifies the invitation to summer universities as a “shipwreck” of the left and supporters of secularism.

The controversy over the rapper’s invitation Medina at the summer universities of ecologists and La rebellious France continued to swell on Thursday. THE RN describes it as a “wreckage” of the left and supporters of secularism while particularly targeting the Greens.

The left is a shipwreck today, that is to say that they no longer have any benchmarks, they no longer have regular voters, so they are ready to solicit residual electorates“, said the deputy National Rally (RN) of Moselle Laurent Jacobelli on the set of LCI. “Islamism for them is a way out“, he added. While environmentalists and the Insoumis claim to share certain fights with the singer, in particular against the far right and police violence, the deputy of the Lepenist party quoted the song Sister Act where Medina according to him “showed all his hatred of feminists whom he called hysterical bourgeoises“. Target of elected officials and activists of the National Rally with whom he scraps on social networks, Medina is regularly accused by the latter of being an “Islamist”.

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But the artist is also accused of phobia and anti-Semitism in the light of certain interviews, songs, or past positions: photos of the rapper performing the anti-Semitic gesture of the quenelle, or one of his texts where he sings “Let’s crucify the seculars like in Golgotha“. “Let’s translate them: stay in your quarters, let us talk among ourselves, about you without us“, posted Médine on the social network X (ex-Twitter), in a message which seems addressed to all those who denounce his invitation to Europe Écologie-Les Verts (EELV) and La France insoumise (LFI). A way of inviting journalists and politicians to take an interest in the neighborhoods, of which Médine is one of the representatives, by dialoguing with the people concerned rather than excluding them.

On the right they scared of my speeches, on the left they could use it“, he still posted on X, quoting the words of one of his songs. In the anti-capitalist magazine Ballast dated July 15, the artist opposes discrimination, calling for “social justice”, the fight against “the extreme right” and the end of “mechanisms of oppression that strike at the same time the LGBT populations, the racialized, the feminists”. Médine will go to the Drôme on August 26 to take part in the AmFisthe summer university of La France insoumise, just after its page on August 24 in Le Havre at the summer days of ecologists and before the Fête de l’Huma in September.

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Particularly criticized for this invitation, the head of Europe Ecologie-Les-Verts Marine Tondelier described as “caricatures” the remarks of feminist and pro-secularism essayist Caroline Fourest who said she saw “the fundamentalists infiltrate the Greens with ease and delight“.

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