The conversion of the Internet to the metaverse remains very virtual

Meta, formerly Facebook, would he have managed in a few months to cut the branch on which he was sitting? Mark Zuckerberg’s wealthy company was renamed this way at the end of October 2021, making the development of the metaverse its new course. Throwing Horizon Worlds, in December of the same year, she thought she could be the first to give substance to this project allowing everyone to have a complete digital existence. This year alone, 15 billion dollars (almost the equivalent in euros) would have been swallowed up by the company to achieve its ends… for a more than disappointing result.

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According to wall street journal, Horizon Worlds had less than 200,000 users at the end of October, for an initial goal of 500,000 active users by the end of the year. After barely a month, the majority of users would have deserted the application.

Many also mocked the graphic representations of the characters in this virtual world, with legless avatars. Finally, the analyzes on the use of virtual reality headsets offered by Facebook, supposed to offer the main gateway to its metaverse, were hardly more exciting: after six months, their buyers had abandoned them.

Distrust of investment funds

Height of irony, The Verge revealed that, even internally, very few Meta employees had ventured into Horizon Worlds. “If we don’t like it, how can we expect users to adopt it? », asked Vishal Shah, Metaverse’s vice president of metaverse internally. While ordering its employees to be more present on this platform, Meta admitted that it was not successful enough, full of bugs, to attract a large number of users.

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The biggest tech bosses in the United States – never stingy with each other – have not been kind to Meta. “I’m not sure the average person can tell you what the metaverse is”threw Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, in an interview given to the Dutch media RTL Nieuws. Snapchat boss Evan Spiegel talks about a concept “ambiguous and risky”. Even the largest investment funds show their mistrust. Jan Hammer, one of the main investors in Europe for the Index Ventures fund, opens up candidly: “We see a lot of business plans around the metaverse, but that leaves us skeptical”he explains to World. “There was a ridiculous one-upmanship. Bloomberg talking about an 800 billion dollar market in 2024, that makes no sense”also believes Thomas Husson, of Forrester.

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