“The coup de grace of the administration to liberal medicine”

Ihe bill 1175 aimed at “improve access to care through the territorial commitment of professionals”carried by deputy Frédéric Valletoux (Horizons) and supported by the presidential majority (Renaissance), will be presented during the week of June 12 at the National embly, according Egora.fra professional information site.

This law aims in particular to to “empower” health professionals in the application of policies of general interest, such as the permanence of care, prevention and the balance of the territorial care offer. It will deal the administrative coup de grace to liberal medicine.

One would have thought, reading the presentation of the bill, of a miraculous awakening of the political on the “how our complex, over-administered and historically over-centralized healthcare system works”.

Two additional administrative floors

We began to hope that we would record the failure of the regional health agencies (ARS), paralyzed during the crisis due to Covid-19, unable to organize the supply of care in a pragmatic way from their Excel tables. They who had to “coordinating activities, regulating, directing and organizing the supply of health services”.

We dreamed of a governance decided by and for health professionals according to the needs of each territory. We would have given back his skills to the prefect, and the expertise as well as the means to the caregivers. Nay! It is moreover Mr. Valletoux who says so in an interview according to Egora May 10 : “It is not this bill that will remove too much bureaucracy or that will validate a request for better financial recognition of the act. »

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Indeed, it is even quite the opposite: we will not have one, but two additional administrative levels, according to article 1 of the bill: the territorial health council, within which caregivers will be in the minority, if useful that no one has heard of since its creation in 2016 by the ARS! Then, the professional territorial health communities (CPTS): ociations financed on objectives by the Health Insurance, exclusively devoted to coordination: not a penny for the care!

Worse still, Article 1 endorses the concept of “collective responsibility”. Caregivers will therefore be “responsible” the state of health of the population, the permanence and continuity of care, and the distribution of the supply of care in the territory.

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