The court in Lithuania did not cancel the residence permit of a Russian working in a colony

The court in Vilnius overturned the decision of the Department of Migration to cancel the permanent residence permit in Lithuania of a Russian citizen who worked in a Russian colony in the early 2000s. This is reported by LRT. The Russian’s name is not mentioned.

When canceling the residence permit, the migration department cited a threat to state security due to the fact that “until 2002, the applicant worked in the Sakhalin correctional colony of the enhanced regime in the city-type settlement of Smyrnykh in the penitentiary system of the Russian Federation, which suggests a possible vulnerability and, as a consequence, a threat” .

The court considered that the migration service did not ess the individual situation of the applicant. “Only work in a Russian colony of enhanced regime is not in itself a sufficient reason for canceling a permanent residence permit in Lithuania,” said the decision, which, in turn, will be appealed by the Department of Migration – writes Sever.Realii.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania tightened the requirements for Russians and Belarusians living in their territories. The authorities said that part of the citizens of these countries will be deported because they “represent a threat to the security” of the republics. In order to identify pro-Russian residents, polls were conducted where, in particular, respondents were asked questions about their attitude to the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine in February 2022. As a result, the Lithuanian authorities left residence permits for 135 Russians (general data for 2022 and 2023).

In 2022, about 4,000 Russians applied for a residence permit in Lithuania.

  • The Baltic countries have supported Ukraine since the very beginning of the Russian invasion of this country. In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Soviet monuments are being demolished, the presence of the Russian language is being reduced in the programs of educational institutions, restrictions are being introduced for Russians to obtain a residence permit, and EU countries are calling on them to actively help Ukraine.
  • In Lithuania, restrictions on the purchase of real estate in the country by Russians were adopted. The proposed total ban on granting Lithuanian citizenship to Russians was ultimately not accepted. Previously, Lithuania, along with other Baltic countries, completely banned the entry of Russians on tourist visas, but continued to accept applications for political and humanitarian asylum, including from citizens of Russia.

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