The court reinstated the politician Yulia Galyamina to the post of RANKhIS

Opposition politician Yulia Galyamina was reinstated through the court to the position of ociate professor at the Russian Academy of National Economy and State Service (RANChyGS). In January, she was fired from the university where she taught. The court found the dismissal illegal and demanded a fine of 115 thousand rubles from the university.

The politician told Sota that she would still not be able to work because the law prohibits “foreign agents” from teaching at state universities. Thus, Galyamina believes, she will be fired again, but already in compliance with the procedure violated the first time.

Galyamina worked at the Department of Theory and Practice of Media Communications at the Russian Academy of Sciences. She became the first teacher fired due to the status of a so-called foreign agent.

The Russian authorities declared Galyamina a “foreign agent” in September 2022 because of 15,000 rubles allegedly transferred to her by the Berlin-based Heinrich Böll Foundation. Galyamina herself claims that she does not remember whether she ever received money from abroad.

  • Legislation regarding “foreign agents” was tightened in December 2022. In particular, they were forbidden to teach in state institutions, be organizers of public events, serve in the army under contract, and be members of election commissions. Any information produced by “foreign agents” is prohibited for distribution to minors.

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