the CUP responds to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi

Attached to the Porte de Saint-Cloud stadium, the Collectif Ultras Paris issued a press release following recent statements by the club’s president.

It is at the Park that history is written“. It is with these words that the Collectif Ultras Paris begins a missive published on social networks. A press release which aims to recall that “PSG stays at the Park“, both being “viscerally linked“. This comes after the various declarations of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi like so many pressure shots addressed to the Paris City Hall, owner of the Porte de Saint-Cloud stadium. “We are no longer welcome at the Parc des Princes“, got carried away the president of the club of the capital in an interview with brandconsidering that Anne Hidalgo’s teams “pressure» on the champions of France so that they “leaveto other skies. “They play with us and we are tired“, said “NAK” again. Recalling that the Parc des Princes is “the House” of Paris-SG, where he has been playing since 1972, the CUP believes that this “possibility of departure is all the more incomprehensible since the expansion projects faithful to the work of the architect Monsieur Talibert are in the pipeline“.

Making sure you don’t wantinterfere in discussions, negotiations and the balance of power between the club and Marie de Paris“, However, the Parisian Ultras take a clear position on the subject: “We will fight with all our might to keep PSG at the Parc.“. And to add:It is not up to us to decide whether the city should cede this heritage or not, but we know that this stadium can be enlarged to correspond to the current size of the club and thus put a stop to the unbearable speculation on the price of places via Ticketplace and return the Park to true enthusiasts“.

Tackle at the Paris City Hall

This does not mean that the members of the CUP, which has its habits within the Auteuil bend, take a stand for Madame Hidalgo and campaign for her. In fact, they even take the opportunity to tackle a Town Hall that they have “never considered a sincere partner of the club nor a support of its lovers“. All in the hope that the said Town Hall will take “all the guarantees so that a possible new owner (of the stadium) does not carry out a real estate transaction on this occasion and that naming is never on the agenda“. And to conclude:PSG’s place is in the Park“.

Note that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, currently in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup, is not really calling for leaving the Parc des Princes. Not clearly anyway. All in nuances. Especially since he is well aware of the opposition he would encounter. “Staying has always been our preference. But I don’t think they (the Town Hall) want us. We have invested 80 million euros in the stadium. But it is not ours. Who would agree to do such a thing?“, was surprised the Qatari leader in this interview with brand.

Do you really think the Park is worth less than Leandro Paredes?

Emmanuel Grégoire, first assistant to Anne Hidalgo

We have been discussing their expansion project with them for a long time. And one day they told us they wanted to buy. We asked them to make us a proposal at once. But it was very, very, very low, very far from the estimate we had“, explained the sports assistant of the Paris City Hall, Pierre Rabadan, to theAFP. A priori, the City of Paris evaluates the Parc des Princes at around 300 M€. “The sale, we did not categorically exclude it. But it is at the right price yes. PSG are offering 40 million euros. It’s cheaper than Paredes. Frankly, do you really think that the Park is worth less than Leandro Paredes, bought 50 million euros (47, Ed)? This is not serious. There is a form of pressure that is not responsible“, said Emmanuel Grégoire, first assistant to Anne Hidalgo, in The Parisian. At present, the Paris-SG has the Parc des Princes under a 30-year emphyteutic lease.

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