the damage bill revised upwards, to 730 million euros

By Le Figaro with AFP


A burnt tobacco in Talence. ROMAN PERROCHEAU / AFP

The cost of claims related to the violence that followed the death of a teenager had been previously essed at 650 million euros.

The bill is getting heavier. The cost of related damage to urban violence which followed the death of a teenager killed by the police during a roadside check was reessed on Wednesday at 730 million euros, against 650 million previously, according to a press release from France ureurs published on Wednesday.

A total of 15,600 claims linked to the violence that followed Nahel’s death, 17, killed during a road check in Nanterre, were declared. In detail, damage to professional property and local authorities represents more than 90% of the total cost (65% and 27% respectively), according to the federation of insurers. On their side, “vehicle damage accounts for 46% of claims and 6% of total cost“, specify the professionals. “This reessment of the damage linked to the urban violence at the end of June confirms the heavy price paid by local authorities and their insurers for these riots“, said Florence Lustman, president of France ureurs, quoted in the press release.

As of July 1, the Minister of the Economy Bruno the Mayor asked insurers to extend reporting deadlines, reduce deductibles and quickly compensate professionals who were victims of the riots, towards whom the banks were also called upon to show understanding. The professional federation had invited its members three days later to “reduce» deductibles for «small independent traders hardest hitby urban violence.

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