the debrief of the general culture test with the candidates for Miss France 2023

The contenders for the Miss France crown passed the dreaded test of the preparation trip on Wednesday, which is held all week in Guadeloupe. At the end of the exam, they do the accounts.

All dressed in pink, the 30 candidates for the Miss France 2023 election passed the general knowledge test, an essential test of the preparation trip which takes place this week in Guadeloupe and which counts for the preselection jury. Among the free candidates, Sylvie Tellier and Diane Leyer.“I never had the chance to pass it”rejoices the honorary president of the election and Miss France 2002. “I hope I will get it because I really want to be Miss France”jokes the title winner.

The kick-off is given at 5 p.m. sharp by Cindy Fabréthe new contest director. “I wish you a good test, looking forward to seeing the results”, she says while distributing the eight pages of a test concocted by Frédéric Gilbert, the artistic producer of the TV show. The first to return her copy is Miss Normandy, after thirty minutes, followed by Miss Aquitaine. At the exit, both are satisfied. Except on the question around pithiviers, the voluminous savory pie often made in “Top Chef”. “I put that it was a tree”, comments Miss Normandy. Her neighbor, meanwhile, kicked into touch on Olympe de Gouges. “I didn’t know who she was, for me she was a deported resistance fighter. »

“Jacquemus, is that really his name? »

The question “Who wrote the play Cyrano de Bergerac?” is the one that posed the most difficulties for young women. “It’s Molière, isn’t it? », they replied in unison during the debrief, then furious at not having checked the name of Edmond Rostang. Fortunately, they caught up on the questions around the Ukrainian president, the 2022 Football Golden Ball and the radio where Diane Leyre works.

Miss Ile-de-France wonders: “Jacquemus, is that really his name? His name is not Olivier Rousteing? I’m so stupid ! ». While Miss Brittany fished on the creation of the Music Festival. “To which minister do we owe it? »they were asked. “For me, it was a woman so I hesitated and answered Roselyne Bachelot”, admits Miss Brittany, before showing some disappointment. The last to leave the room are Miss Rhône-Alpes and Miss Alsace. The revelation of the answers, made a few minutes later by Cindy Fabre, will disappoint more than one. Miss Reunion leaves the room in tears. Before Diane Leyre catches up with her to reassure her. ” It means nothing… “, she told him. Another group finds comfort with Sylvie Tellier, the show’s honorary president. “You can’t be the most beautiful, the best at the catwalk, the smartest. Miss France, it’s a crazy thing, you have to believe in it until the end. For my part, no one saw me winning.. The five young women will leave laughing heartily.

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