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It was stated that Israel decided to stop the entry of goods from Gaza to the occupied West Bank on the grounds of “explosive smuggling”.


Israel's decision

According to the information received from the Coordination Committee for the Entry of Goods into Gaza under the administration of the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli government has decided to completely stop the entry of goods from Gaza to the West Bank through the Kerm Abu Salim Border Gate from tomorrow until further notice.

Israel cited the sending of explosives hidden in clothing from Gaza to the West Bank as the reason for the decision.


On the other hand, in a written statement made by the Israeli army, it was claimed that the inspectors of the Israeli Ministry of Defense examined 3 trucks that came to Kerm Abu Salim from Gaza today and detected several kilograms of high-quality explosives hidden in the linings of the clothes.

In the statement, which argues that “explosive materials are thought to be sent to terrorist elements”, it was stated that Israeli Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi gave instructions to stop the shipment of goods from Gaza to Israel, with the approval of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Kerm Abu Salim has the distinction of being Gaza’s only commercial gateway to the outside. (AA)

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