the decisive intervention of Karine Le Marchand against Justine and Patrice in “L’amour est dans le pré”

Patrice and Justine opposite Karine Le Marchand in “Love is in the meadow” 6Play screenshots (editing)

PREVIEW – M6 is broadcasting the last episode of season 18 of its romance program next Monday with the highly anticipated essment between the Norman breeder and his Alsatian partner. An outcome revealed in preview on 6Play. Spoiler alert!

Rarely in ” Love is in the meadow “, Karine Le Marchand intervened in the story of a couple with equal authority. With a tone that is always very fair, and after following their entire story over the weeks, the M6 ​​host took the liberty of arbitrating the disputes that undermine the daily life of Patrice and his companion Justine.

Since the broadcast of episodes of season 18 of the romance program on M6, the story of the 39-year-old suckler cow breeder has fascinated millions of loyal viewers. Affected by hemiplegia from birth, the Norman never knew true love until his meeting with Justinea 35-year-old Alsatian with whom he fell under the spell.

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Justine from “L’amour est dans le pré” target of grossophobic criticism

A touching relationship, born under the eye of the cameras of “L’amour est dans le pré”, between two sensitive adults in need of affection which generates a very large number of comments after each episode broadcast on M6. “Justine is very criticized for her weight, she experiences a lot of fatphobia. She doesn’t take it very well. We are hypervigilant about that. We are with her to support her, to allow her to take a step back”declared producer Gabriella Mathler to our colleagues at Puremedias .

On the Internet, France Bleu Alsace has deleted all the articles and audio sequences relating to Justine where she had spoken about her experience on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the station in 2020. The native of Saverne had until then lived in the small village of Merkwiller-Pechelbronn before moving in with Patrice. A decision perceived as too hasty by the show’s observers.

Justine and Patrice in “Love is in the meadow” M6 screen capture

“You must not take revenge on Patrice, he is not responsible for what you experienced”

Karine Le Marchand to Justine during the review of “Love is in the meadow”

Near Tele-Leisure Patrice recognized that the beginnings of this life together, for him who had always been alone, were difficult. “We each have our own lifestyle habits, we have to try to put it together and agree on certain points. His hours were a little different from mine”, he notably underlined. At the end of their weekend in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, last June, Patrice expressed his doubts to Justine about their relationship. ” I’m wondering “he replied when she asked him if he still loved her.

Two months after this discussion, it was together that they presented themselves to Karine Le Marchand in a campsite on the Île de Ré to take stock of their experience. Sitting hand in hand, they looked back on the significant moments of their meeting. Radiant, Justine spoke about her past. “I was married and suffered from domestic violence. I rebelled and created this shell”she said to respond to his apparent intransigence. “But we must not take revenge on Patrice, he is not responsible for what you experienced”, the M6 ​​host kindly warned her. Patrice, for his part, recognized that he lacked character compared to someone who, on the contrary, had a lot of it. “I have difficulty imposing myself”he explained.

Patrice’s ultimatum to Justine in “Love is in the meadow”

The 35-year-old Alsatian admitted that she didn’t like what she saw of herself in “L’amour est dans le pré”: “I don’t know if it was stress that made me like this, I asked my parents. There are traits of my character that I already had as a teenager”. Karine Le Marchand took it upon herself to underline her intransigence. “You are not sharing, it is as you have decided to do and no one can do otherwise”, she pointed out to him. The images broadcast on M6 allowed Justine to become aware of her overly directive behavior.

“I want Patrice to be happy and fulfilled”warned Karine Le Marchand, openly concerned about the well-being of this couple and not hesitating to raise Justine’s straps on her pace of life. “I haven’t necessarily measured the daily life of a farmer”replied the latter, visibly open to questioning. “If you continue like this, I will end the relationshipPatrice warned her. This cannot continue. You’re going to tire me out, it’s going to affect my work and my health. I prefer to be honest. I’m on the verge of breaking up. You have one month to change everything. »

In the end, both expressed their shared romantic feelings. Justine ended this meeting with tears in her eyes. A month later, the Norman farmer revealed that everything was back to normal and that his partner had found work. “Our relationship has become balanced, I love him very much”he declared, happy and fulfilled.

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