The decline in television consumption could be slower than expected

In 2030, according to NPA Conseil, individuals over the age of 15 will still spend on average nearly 3 hours 20 minutes in front of the station, compared to 3 hours 40 minutes today. Anna Bizon / Alamy via Reuters

DECRYPTION – NPA Conseil argues that the shocks that traditional TV faced are now behind it.

What if television was a Titanic cathodic? A liner about to sink? Within the media industry, this disaster scenario has spread widely. Bob Iger, the current CEO of Disneypredicts that linear television is approaching a great precipice “. Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, announces the death of this media within five to ten years”. And Tim Daviethe boss of the BBC, evokes a world of all internet, where the television and radio are turned off ». Really ?

Decline in the advertising market, intense competition linked to the arrival of new entrants, accelerated aging of the public… The difficulties encountered by broadcasters are very real. But not to the point of seeing the TV media collapse violently, argues the NPA Conseil firm. “ Television is not dead », smiles Philippe Bailly, its president.

Transformation of uses

The firm estimates that the time spent by French people aged over 15 watching TV programs is not going…

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