The DEG website was attacked more than 20,000 times during two election days

Over the past two election days, more than 20,000 attacks have been recorded on the remote electronic voting (DEG) website, CEC head Ella Pamfilova said at a briefing.

“It is this site that receives the most attacks. They are trying to bring it down so that voters won’t be able to vote,” she said at the CEC information center.

According to Pamfilova, specialists work “very efficiently.” He clarified that several “very targeted, very complex impacts on the entire DEG infrastructure” were identified.

The head of the Central Election Commission called the election participants who register to vote online “very motivated,” which is why the turnout is high. According to the election commission, more than 3 million voters from 25 regions, including Moscow, have already voted.

In the capital, attempts to attack SMS delivery operators and electronic voting terminals at polling stations were previously recorded, said Olga Kirillova, chairman of the Moscow City Election Commission. According to her, due to the attacks, messages did not arrive immediately, and polling stations experienced a short delay in receiving electronic ballots.

From September 8 to 10, 4,270 election campaigns of various levels are taking place in 85 regions. More than 33,000 seats will be filled; over 85,000 candidates from 23 parties have nominated themselves for the elections. Representatives of 20 parties were registered, a total of 81,000 candidates, with United Russia having the most candidates, then the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party.

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