The deputies of France Insoumise want to open the PMA to transgender men

The deputies of insubordinate France (LFI) presented a bill on Wednesday to again demand the opening of the PMA to transgender men, biologically born women and able to conceive. “Transgender men, people born biologically female who transition to male and/or fluid gender, with gestational capacity, cannot use ART (medically isted procreationalso called PMA) for the sole reason of mention of their sex in the civil status “, lamented the rebellious elected Ségolène Amiot, during a press conference at the National embly.

“A mention in the civil status should not be an obstacle to kinship”, she insisted with her colleague Bastien Lachaud. The “bioethics” law of August 2021 has expanded access to PMA female couples and single women. In July 2022, the Constitutional Council validated the exclusion of transgender men from access to PMA. A provision that was contested by an ociation for the defense of trans people.

In addition to the opening of PMA to transgender, Ségolène Amiot’s text provides for sanctuarizing the self-preservation of gametes for all people. “The change in sex designation makes the use of gametes by couples uncertain today,” argued the MP for Loire-Atlantique.

Turmoil in the LFI group

Her bill, which is not on the agenda of the National embly, would also like to make possible the technique known as “reception of oocytes from the partner” or ROPA, which allows a woman to give a oocyte to his partner, with a view to isted procreation. This technique, authorized in Spain, had been discussed but rejected in previous debates on French bioethical laws, some seeing it as a shift towards surrogacy. “There is neither near nor far with this bill the possibility of resorting to surrogacy,” defended Ségolène Amiot.

Finally, its text provides that the procedure for the early joint recognition of a child be extended to all couples, including those in which “the man gives birth to the child”. During the previous five-year term, LFI deputies Bastien Lachaud and Danièle Obono had tabled a similar bill to “make medically isted procreation a universal right”.

The group experienced a stir in early June over the issue of LGBT+ rights when François Ruffin had discarded priorities a gender change law in the name of “appeat”. Several rebellious elected officials had criticized a “personal” position, and the deputy from the Somme, potential candidate for the presidential election of 2027, had made amends and acknowledged having to “progress” on this issue.

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