the distribution of bottled water extended to the entire population from November 20

The distribution of bottled water will be extended from November 20 to the entire population of the Mayotte archipelago, facing its worst episode of drought in a quarter of a century, announced the Overseas Minister, Philippe Vigier, Thursday November 2.

“All Mahorais will have the opportunity to have bottles of water” mineral at a rate of one liter per person per day, ured Mr. Vigier to the press during a trip to the port of Longoni where the trucks responsible for distribution are filled. Some 330,000 liters of water will be distributed to the population every day, he said. Until then, 2 liters of water were distributed every day to the 50,000 people considered the most vulnerable.

The poorest department in France is facing its worst episode of drought since 1997, while its supply depends largely on rainwater. Due to a lack of sufficient infrastructure and investment, the approximately 310,000 inhabitants of the French archipelago in the Indian Ocean have been living under severe water restrictions since September and the authorities have been forced to deliver bottled water to meet the needs of the population.

Nursery and primary schools not connected to the “water path”which continuously supplies health centers and the majority of educational establishments, will be the first to be served by the extension of distribution.

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