The Dogs of Navarre are biting harder and harder

The Dogs of Navarre still bite. And bite hard. After tackling national identity (into your arms2017), then to family neuroses (Tnot everyone can be an orphan, 2019) the company takes on the theme of madness. Madness of a so-called modern era where the loss of meaning would lead to alienation and could lead us – because our depressions are not only due to our intimate life but also to the state of the world – to all go crazy. ” Life is a party “bitter antiphrase chosen as the title of their new creation, presented on tour, does not derogate from the trashy style and the wild humor which made the heyday of this theatrical pack, led since 2005 by the director Jean-Christophe Meurisse .

As soon as he arrives, the public is immersed in a formidable session of the National Assembly devoted to the “facilitating the carrying of weapons”. In the bays of the room, the actors-deputies of all political persuasions rail against each other while, on stage, ministers and parliamentarians try to defend their point of view.

As for the President of the Assembly, he persists, in vain, in obtaining a return to calm. This electric prologue brings down the red curtain to plunge us into a psychiatric hospital on the verge of decay where a far-right deputy has landed. While our representatives revel in the passes of arms, the public hospital service, it goes down the drain. To a patient who consults after a suicide attempt, the doctor replies: “Honestly, sometimes I envy you. »

Hilarity and irreverence

There follows a succession of skits, each crazier than the next, illustrating a society that has reached a point of no return. From the 40-year-old depressed because of lovesickness, who is advised by a cosmetic surgeon to redo her whole body, to the 50-year-old thrown out of her company by two smiling young managers from the start-up nation (“it’s over the boomers”), passing by a Minister of Health who came to visit the hospital and hear the grievances of the staff while remaining impassive in the face of a schizophrenic patient who coated him with snot and excrement, Life is a party transgresses and disturbs. At hilarity, often at the rendezvous, can sometimes succeed unease. But this irreverence, dear to the Chiens de Navarre, is intended to reflect a brutal and edgy society. So we laugh at the tragedy so as not to sink.

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