The effective reconstruction of the spire and the framework of Notre-Dame begins

The actual work of restoring the spire and vaults of Notre-Dame began on the occasion of the European Heritage Days. AFP/Geoffroy van der Hasselt

While the Cathedral Works Village opens for the European Days of
Heritage, the public establishment chaired by Jean-Louis Georgelin announces the effective start of reconstruction work on the spire, vaults and frameworks.

While the Site Village of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral opens for the European Heritage Days and allows the public to meet the companions and all the actors at work in this exceptional restorationthe public establishment chaired by General Georgelin announces the effective start of reconstruction work on the spire, vaults and frameworks.

At the same time, the interior restoration work started in the spring continues at a steady pace, such as, in the workshop, the cleaning and restoration of the great organ and
stained glass windows in the high bays. All the players in the restoration project have fully mobilized to return the cathedral to worship and visitation in 2024.

The restoration phase began in September 2021 in accordance with the schedule set, starting with the start of work mainly concerning the interiors of the
Cathedral, carried out on site or in the workshop. The preparatory operations thus made it possible to clean up the interior walls and vaults, thanks to an in-depth suction campaign, the cleaning of the old technical networks and the desalination of part of the vaults, which had received a lot of water and that it was necessary to treat without delay to preserve the stones.

This work ended in the spring of 2022, making it possible to begin the interior restoration of the cathedral, unprecedented in its scale. For the first time, all of the building's interiors were cleaned and restored simultaneously to restore the cathedral to its original brilliance. It was a question of carrying out a vast intervention of cleaning and consolidation of the masonry (stones) and decorations (mural paintings, ironwork, joinery, stained glass windows of the chapels and the stands, sculptures). It concerned all the interior elevations, great nave, collaterals, ambulatory, as well as all the 24 chapels that make up the building and includes the cleaning and restoration of all the masterpieces housed by the cathedral and spared by the fire, such as the enclosure of the choir, a masterpiece of Gothic sculpture dating from the 14th century, the Vow of Louis XIII, the 18th century stalls or even the inlaid marble floor.

Identical reconstruction of the Viollet-le-Duc spire

Since the spring of 2022, the companies designated to carry out the reconstruction work on the parts destroyed or damaged during the fire (framework and roofing of the nave, choir, transept and spire, masonry of the vaults, gables, Mursbahuts and railings) have taken place on the site.
This work included the assembly of a scaffolding of 600 tons on the ground of the crossing of the transept, which will culminate at 100 meters in height. It will enable the identical reconstruction of the spire of Viollet-le-Duc, which will begin to appear in the sky of Paris in 2023. Once the framework of the spire is completed, the reconstruction of the vault of the crossing, completely destroyed during the fire, can be completed. The other vaults will be consolidated and, for those damaged during the fire, rebuilt in places, from the last quarter of 2022. Concomitantly, the trusses of the frameworks of the nave, the choir and the transept will be assembled in the workshop and transported to the site. , where they will begin to be installed. The roofers will then be able to install the roofing and the many decorations that will adorn the roof of the spire and the large attic.

Army General Jean-Louis Georgelin, Special Representative of the President of the Republic and President of the public establishment responsible for the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, said: “The progress of the work has passed an important milestone. Now, most of the prizes have been awarded. This allows the effective commitment of restoration and reconstruction operations, in all areas, which is a great satisfaction for us. We are fully on the way to the reopening of the cathedral in 2024. I thank and pay tribute to the mobilization of all the winning companies, from all over France, and to all the companions present on the site or in the workshop.".

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