the end of free could open a trap

With successive algorithm changes, social networks have put the first penknife in the contract. 528246814/Forhanx –

DECRYPTION – Facebook, Instagram,

Social networks are in the process of debunking the last of the great founding myths on which their economic model was based: that of free access. By also giving in to the sirens of the paid subscriptionthey have just definitively torn up the contract which until now linked them to their users.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, X (formerly Twitter)… All the promises of these services brought to life by the internet have been buried. Who still remembers that Facebook, in its early days, looked like a super-broadcaster used to connect Harvard students? Twenty years ago, social networks were based on a simple premise. The purpose of Facebook, for example, was to help you stay in touch with your close or more distant friends. To communicate with members of your family remotely. To chat with acquaintances, to share photos, news. All in a safe environment since we could accept or not the new friends. In exchange…

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