“The epic of Bernard Tapie begins with his meeting with his wife”

The actress plays Dominique, the businessman’s wife, in the biopic series dedicated to her by Netflix, available on September 13.

The ravishing thirty-year-old, seen in Cloclo (she played France Gall), Breathe, Eugénie Grandet Or The Fantasiesslipped into the skin of Dominique, the wife of Bernard Tapie for the biopic that Netflix devotes to the famous businessman.

This eight-episode series, created by Olivier Demangel and Tristan Séguéla, in which she plays opposite a Laurent Lafitte stunning, highlights the couple’s incredible love story. Beyond feelings and pion, true life partners.

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LE FIGARO TVMAGAZINE. – Did you know this wonderful love story?
JOSEPHINE JAPY. – No, I didn’t grow up with the Tapie myth, I was born a little late for that. But I have a fairly vivid memory of the character he represented for my parents and their friends, he generated pions. The character of Dominique was close to the hearts of the authors. She is present from the first episode because Bernard Tapie’s epic begins with his meeting with this woman. I looked at a lot of archive footage but it was discreet.

How do you see their relationship?

It is a deep love, it is his life partner, in love, in work. She totally shares his ambition. She has real strength of character and she finds the counterpart of her personality in this man. She trusts him, she wants to create with him what she didn’t have as a child and they build an empire together. She doesn’t just let herself be dragged along. She was quite acutely aware of what she really wanted. But reality catches up with Bernard and she looks at him wondering how it will end…

What appealed to you most about this project?

All ! I received 4 or 5 episodes. The narration was brilliant, exciting, there was a big challenge of interpretation. We had to bring Dominique into existence very quickly because otherwise we would lose this Bonnie and Clyde-style collaboration. Each time they put all their chips on the carpet to move forward.

“I understand very well that Dominique Tapie does not want to watch this romantic version of his life”

Do you feel a responsibility to interpret an existing person, who is also opposed to the project?

Yes, it’s a responsibility, we have that in mind and at some point we have to make peace with it. It’s a look, a presence that we have in mind. I wanted to pay homage to this story because it is true, but when you play a character who exists you have to allow yourself some freedom. But I understand very well that she doesn’t want to watch this romantic version of her life.

This is your first series, why?
You need a really good reason, a good character to go there because the commitment is long term. I hadn’t felt the need until then.

Up for a season 2?
Obviously, I would like to find the character again, I have monopolized her, a bit like a jealous lover. We played these roles for almost eight months with rehearsals, a form of intimacy was created…

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