the eternal demon of mutual suspicion

Éric Ciotti, Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau, during the national council of LR, in Paris, on November 26. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP

TO ANALYSE – Rejecting further stunting of the partisan right implies bringing in, or at the very least wanting to bring back, those who have taken other paths since 2012 and particularly since 2017.

During last Monday’s televised debate on LCI, Aurelien Pradie who, like any challenger attacks the favourites, had criticized Bruno Retailleau for not having always been in Jacques Chirac’s camp. A way of saying that his villainous past – he was for a long time the right arm of the creator of Puy-du-Fou – prevented him from truly being part of the “family”. Far from apologizing for it, the senator from Vendée boasted again on Saturday of his “sovereignism” which had led him to participate in the common fight of Charles Pasqua, Philippe Séguin and Philippe de Villiers against Maastricht, for example. Doing partisan archeology can come as a surprise in a party that has more of a problem with its future than with its past.

The pike of the deputy of Lot is however revealing of the propensity of Republicans to suspect each other rather than rejoicing in each other’s story. If, to be at LR, you have to have been a loyal chiraquian then a pure sugar sarkozyst, there won’t be much…

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