The “European Human Rights Dialogue” conference was held in Berlin

The annual conference “European Human Rights Dialogue” took place in Berlin. The event was attended by political scientists, sociologists, journalists, human rights activists, politicians, cultural figures and activists who emigrated to Berlin and other countries before and after the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. The main topic of the conference was the search for a way out of the “everyday catastrophe”.

The discussions discussed the situation with human rights in Russia, the attitude of Russians to the war, the possibility of transformation of the Kremlin regime and istance to Ukraine.

Those gathered discussed the relationship between the representatives of the opposition who left and remained in Russia, as well as the tasks and ways of their unification against the background of the war waged by Russia. The participants of the conference discussed the possibilities of self-organization of the Russian diaspora, emphasizing the objective difficulties of the existence of the opposition in emigration.

Those gathered emphasized the need for cooperation with European politicians in matters of obtaining humanitarian visas and financing events and projects of the Russian diaspora abroad.

The project “European Human Rights Dialogue” under the leadership of Russian sociologist and human rights activist Igor Eidman is carried out with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the program “Expansion of Cooperation with the Civil Society of Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia”.

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