“The extraterrestrial”, “Haal of fame”, “It’s a monster”, the international press stunned by the serial scorer Haaland

“The extraterrestrial”, “Haal of fame”, “It’s a monster”, the international press stunned by the serial scorer Haaland

Erling Haaland on the front page of the international press. Panoramic

The performance of the Norwegian center forward of Manchester City, author of 5 goals against Leipzig, dazzled European football.

hail of fame “, pun for the hall of fame displays in One the Daily Star. “ It’s a monster “, spreads Marca. “ A devastating evening “, retains the Nacion after the demonstration of Erling Haaland author of 5 goals during the success 7-0 against RB Leipzig. “ Haaland, a 5-star show “, placards the Daily Telegraph which summarizes: “ None of the five goals was spectacular, but Haaland’s cumulative effect – of the Haaland phenomenon – was astonishing. It shattered Leipzig, and it felt like another night when the Norwegian goal-scoring legend got a stronger hold on Europe. »

The Guardian dwells on when broken RB Leipzig players were able to breathe. There were 62 minutes on the clock and a bright red number nine on Manchester City’s substitute board. For the German club, the ordeal was over. Erling Haaland was going out. As the wrecking ball centre-forward walked off with a broad smile, there was an outburst of slightly impressed applause from all sides. Haaland had already pulled off four hat-tricks in City colors in a season in which he relentlessly broke records. But five in one game. And in the knockout stages of the Champions League, it was special and everyone knew it. »

La Gazzetta dello Sport, like Marca (“And at 5ePep changed it”) also insists on this moment when the match stopped to salute an exceptional performance: “ The only way to stop him is to remove him from the field. And when Pep Guardiola does, in the 63rd minute, after Erling Haaland destroyed Leipzig with five goals in the resounding 7-0 that gave Manchester City the quarter-finals, the Etihad puffed out his chest despite the cold and sang his name. More than a chorus, this cry is a kind of divine invocation, a thank you after an all-powerful match like the chorus that repeats itself at the end of the match, when the blond Norwegian who has collected the records turns around with the ball under the arm to enjoy his incredible performance on the most beautiful stage “says La Gazzetta dello Sport. Before slipping, the confidence of the serial scorer: “ I had asked not to go out, I wanted to make a double hat-trick. »

Erling Haaland, who became the third player (after Lionel Messi in 2011-2012 with FC Barcelona against Bayer Leverkusen and Luiz Adriano in 2014-2015 with Chakhtior Donttsk against BATE Borisov) to sign a quintuple in the Champions League, is inscribed “ as Manchester City’s top scorer in a season (39), wiping out Tommy Johnson who scored 38 in 1928-29 “, underlines the Daily Telegraph. “ During the evening, the striker exceeded 30 goals in the Champions League to become, in 25 games, the fastest to reach this mark. And, at 22 years and 236 days, the youngest to do so “, adds the Last Hour.

With their phenomenon, the Citizens “ can also aspire to join Manchester United in 1999 in the annals of English football. The troop then managed by Alex Ferguson is the only one to have so far achieved the incredible “Treble”, which consists of winning the Premier League, the Champions League and the Cup”concludes the Morning.

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