the father of Alexis Vastine, who died in the helicopter crash of the show “Dropped”, speaks

the father of Alexis Vastine, who died in the helicopter crash of the show “Dropped”, speaks

Alain Vastine, the father of Alexis Vastine, died in the crash of “Dropped” Screenshot

VIDEO – Eight years after the tragedy, the wound is still alive for the relatives of the victims. Alain Vastine gave a moving testimony to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

This was to be the new adventure game from TF1 but it will never see the light of day: “Dropped”. The concept ? Eight high-level athletes were to return to civilization after being released into the wilderness in Argentina without a compass or food. The champions were to be dropped off at the scene by helicopters. But on March 9, 2015, during the second broadcast, two of these devices wanting to capture images collided. Among the ten dead, three top athletes – the boxer Alexis Vastinethe swimmer Camille Muffat and the navigator Florence Arthaud – but also five filming technicians and the two pilots.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine hosted, this Friday, March 10 on the set of “C to you”, the boxer’s father as well as the journalist Stéfan L’Hermitte. “I think about it every day. It ruined my life. I go to his grave every week. I lost everything. I hope for the trial, at least I hope they fix what they did“, confided Alain Vastine, not without emotion.

Because eight years after the tragedy, the families of the victims still do not know what really happened and are now demanding a trial. The relatives of the ten victims expressed this wish through a video posted on social media. “I don’t want it to happen again. If you let these people go, they’ll start over with other people. My duty is to denounce all of this.said the father of Alexis Vastine.

The eye of the expert

The journalist Stéfan L’Hermitte, who has just published investigation unpublished about the drama, provided some details on the circumstances of the accident. “It is a fault of appreciation of the pilots. One hit the other. At some point, they didn’t see each other.”, he said. According to the two guests, the pilots would not have been trained to fly in this way. Moreover, their health was not “shiny”according to the journalist. “It is for four seconds of images […] The maneuver is decided the night before.”

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then raises the question of the lack of resources made available. “I think it’s just for the money, they tried to squeeze budgets. TF1 is also guilty because it was TF1 that gave the budget”, declares Alain Vastine, without concealing his emotion. Stéfan L’Hermitte then intervened in his direction with supporting figures. “A show like that is 2.5 million euros. The helicopters are $30,000, but they were paid for in cash. […] It’s still amazing, it’s the only part paid in cash.The expert also explains that the helicopter accident that occurred during the filming of the second program was not the first. A collision, which did not cause any injuries, also happened during the first filming with other athletes including Alain Bernard.

Alexis Vastine’s father decided, following the loss of his son, to pay tribute to him through an association entitled “Alexis and his nine friends”. Thus, he explained that the group helps the local population, north of Buenos Aires at the scene of the accident to cultivate their memory. “I did not wait for the end of the trial […] I tell myself that it is my duty as a dad to do this for my son. He was really generous. I said to myself “show them that there’s more to life than money”. I help people there and I’m proud to do it.”

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