the FHF remains opposed to the reintegration of unvaccinated caregivers

For Arnaud Robinet, “the debate has no place” because there are “rules when you are a hospital agent”.

A end of electrical session last night at the Assembly. The bill defended by the rebellious Caroline Fiat aimed at the reintegration of the staff of health establishments not vaccinated against Covid-19 was not adopted. From 10 p.m., the exchanges went up a notch, leading to multiple suspensions of sessions.

Asked this Friday morning about RTLthe president of the Fédération Hospitalière de France (FHF), Arnaud Robinet, indicated that “there was no point in the debate» and that there «has rules when you’re a hospital worker“. In France, out of 600,000 practicing nurses, 500 are not vaccinated against Covid-19. If Arnaud Robinet is against their reintegration into the hospital environment, it is above all for “a moral, ethical and public health issue“.

In addition to Covid-19, the president of the FHF points out that “two-thirds of nurses are not vaccinated against the flu» and wonders «whether this vaccine should be made compulsoryfor medical personnel. For individuals, the number of vaccines against flu fell by 20% compared to the 2021 campaign. He thus calls on the French concerned “to get vaccinated“.

Think of caregivers, hospitals“who suffer”a bottleneck with a triple epidemic of bronchiolitis, Covid-19 and flu which arrives much earlier and which is very virulent“, he adds. Arnaud Robinet recalls that “the Hospital has not yet returned to its 2019 level of activity» and fears «deprogramming” this winter. He adds that to date, “3.5 million procedures were not performed in 2022“. “A form of responsibility and solidarity must be put in place“, he insists.

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