the fight against this scourge remains largely insufficient, criticizes the Court of Auditors

The efforts of the authorities end up paying off, recognizes the Court, but these must still change scale. Pippa Hynelin /

DECRYPTION – If the authorities have stepped up their efforts since 2020, the institution calls for a “change of scale”, to avoid the loss of “billions of euros” each year.

Can frankly do better: it is, in essence, the appreciation for the less critical that the Court of Auditors brings to the fight against social fraud. In its annual report, published this Wednesday, the rue Cambon institution recalls that this flammable subject has been brought back to the fore since the publication of reportsone of which its own teams, in 2020. However, despite the efforts made since then,the necessary change in scale of actions aimed at better preventing, detecting and sanctioning fraud remains largely to be carried out“, criticize the listeners.

Exaggerated or even fictitious billing thanks to complicit health professionals, vital cards not referring to any insured person, retirement pensions paid to individuals residing abroad and already deceased… Benefits fraud can take many forms, each more devious than the next. This is, by nature, difficult to quantify, the figures varying from a few billion euros to more than 40 billion euros according to the National embly or the magistrate Charles Prats. One thing is certain, the damage is far from being anecdotal: if the social security must reveal a “overall estimate“amounts at stake next year, the known figures”show very high frequencies and amounts of financial losses“, of the order of “several billion euros“. For Medicare, the…

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