The flu epidemic continues to decline in France

The flu epidemic continues to decline in France

The flu epidemic soon behind us? The flu continued to decline last week, with a drop observed in 6 of the 13 regions of the metropolis, the public health agency said on Wednesday. In the other seven regions, influenza activity remains stable. In detail, eleven out of 13 regions remain in the epidemic phase, said Public Health France in his weekly report bronchiolitis.

The flu epidemic, which started quite early, calmed down at the beginning of the year but then saw a small rebound, partly fueled by a difference strain of the virus. Last week it was in its 15th week, longer than the average duration for outbreaks since 2010, which was 11 weeks.

This season, it is also characterized by “a marked severity, particularly among 15-44 year olds and 45-64 year olds”, underlines Public Health France. In the hospital, however, the activity for influenza and influenza-like illness is in “clear decrease” and this, in all age groups for the 3rd consecutive week. The agency also stresses that vaccination and respect for barrier gestures remain the best means of protecting yourself from respiratory viruses.

Overseas, the West Indies were still in epidemic, while Mayotte returned to the pre-epidemic phase after a first epidemic wave. The bronchiolitis epidemicwhich mainly affects babies, has been completed in mainland France for two weeks.

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