The four-day week seduces the English

The four-day week seduces the English

61 companies took part in a pilot project in the UK to test the four-day week. 337024806/William –

After having tested it, about sixty companies decided to continue the experiment.

On Wednesdays, the employees of Bookishly, a start-up that sells books and objects related to literature, give free rein to their passions. “One of my colleagues has gone back to school and another is recording a music album.explains Louise Verity, the founder of this company based in Northampton, which employs ten people. Others still use this day to get rid of administrative tasks and spend more time with their children or friends on the weekends.

Bookishly is one of 61 companies to have taken part in a pilot project in United Kingdom to test the four-day week. The trial, the results of which have just been presented, was supervised by the universities ofOxford, Cambridge and Boston, the 4 Day Week community and the Autonomy think-tank. Some 3,000 employees took part between June and December 2022, in sectors as diverse as catering, finance, robotics and education.

Other pilot projects have…

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