The France identity application now available to everyone: here’s how to dematerialize your identity card

In your wallet, but also in your phone. L’France identity applicationwhich allows the dematerialization of identity documents, is now accessible to all users of an Android smartphone or an iPhone, released this Thursday on application stores.

This means that all adult holders of an identity card ” new generation “, namely the model deployed since August 2021, in bank card format and equipped with an electronic chip, will be able to dematerialize their identity document and generate single-use proof of identity, which can replace conventional scans of the card . The latter, with limited validity, are customizable depending on the recipient or the administrative process.

How to dematerialize your identity card?

If you have the new model in force since 2021 and you are an adult, you can now also proceed to the dematerialization of your identity document. To do this, you must first the France identity application on your smartphone. Once this is installed, you can then scan your card or enter a code mentioned at the bottom right of it.

The application then invites you to stick your phone to the card: via the NFC function, which you may already use for your transport tickets or payments via the phone, the card will be recognized by the application. You will then be able to log in by creating a personal code and finalizing the procedure. All the steps take no more than a few minutes, Le Parisien noted.

If you are using an iPhone, recognition difficulties may occur as the app works to resolve these bugs.

On some newer iPhones, wireless ID card reading (NFC) may require several attempts.
👉 The Apple and France Identity teams are currently working closely together to optimize the user experience on these devices.

— France Identity (@france_identite) September 7, 2023

Tests still in progress for the license and the Vitale card

“We want the trust linked to the title in the physical world to be transposed into the digital world in order to prove one’s identity in a secure and state-guaranteed way”, explained to Le Parisien in July 2022 Anne-GaĂ«lle Baudouin-Clerc, the director of the National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS).

After an experiment carried out with testers since last yearthis Thursday marks a new stage in the digitization of official titles issued by the State, while tests are underway for driving license And the vital card. Gabriel Attal had also announced in May his intention to move towards a merger of the identity card and the Vitale card.

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Be careful though if you take the train. SNCF does not currently recognize the validity of a dematerialized identity document, even if it comes from France identity, the railway company told us in May. Only physical tickets are accepted, as provided for in the SNCF conditions of use, which have not changed since.

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