The French court confirmed the refusal to mourn the Navalny brothers

The Court of Appeal of the French city of Rennes confirmed the decision to refuse to satisfy the complaint against the Yves Rocher company, which was filed a few years ago by the lawyers of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg.

The Navalny brothers accused the French company’s top management of a “knowingly false report” and complicity in fabricating a criminal case against them in Russia. According to the so-called “Yves Rocher” case, Alexey Navalny eventually ended up in Russia behind bars, returning to the country after treatment in Germany in January 2021. Later, Navalny was convicted in other cases, and now he is in a high-security colony in the Vladimir region.

Lawyer William Bourdon informed the French m media about the refusal to grant the appeal. He called the decision “completely incomprehensible” and noted that it will likely be appealed in higher courts.

The Navalny brothers filed a complaint in the French court in June 2018. They accused the company “Yves Rocher” of a knowingly false report, because of which a criminal case was opened against them in Russia in 2012. Navalny was charged with fraud committed by a large-scale organized group and money laundering. The reason for initiating the case was the complaint of the subsidiary company “Yves Roche” against Oleg Navalny’s company “Glavnoe podisnoe agentstvo”.

Later, Yves Rocher refused to act as the injured party, stating that no damage had been caused to it. Despite this, the criminal case was not closed. In December 2014, Alexei Navalny was sentenced to three and a half years on probation, and his brother Oleg was sentenced to the same term, but real.

In January 2021, immediately after returning from Germany, where Navalny was treated for poisoning, the oppositionist was arrested and, at the request of the FSIN, the court replaced his conditional sentence in the “Yves Rocher case” with a real one. The Navalny brothers and their supporters consider the case fabricated for political reasons.

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