the full price will only drop by “one to two euros”, warns m distribution

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After the failure of selling at a loss, the government wants major retailers to charge consumers for fuel at cost.

What will really be the impact of selling fuel at cost price on the fuel bill? Following the government’s announcements concerning “nearly 120,000 operations” until the end of the year, major retailers have warned: the rating will not drop much. The sale of fuelat cost price» decided with the government on Tuesday will represent “one to two euros per full» of gasoline, its representatives estimated on Wednesday.

There will be a small impact but it will be light», declared on RTL the general director of Système U, Dominique Schelcher. The Carrefour and Leclerc brands have undertaken to sell the fuels “at cost price” every day, Casino, Cora and Intermarché will carry out two weekends per month, Système U and Auchan at least one weekend per month. “Going at cost price with us is not going to be spectacular since we are already at low prices all year round“, according to Dominique Schelcher who estimates that this represents a drop in “one or two cents per liter, that means one euro for a full tank“.

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For Michel-Édouard Leclerc, “it’s a real effort”

Our margin is 2 to 3% so it’s 2 to 6 cents per liter“, either “one or two euros per tank» of gasoline, for his part estimated on France Info Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the strategic committee of the Leclerc distribution group. The sale to “cost price» «is a choice that our members made, it was not the public authorities who imposed this choice on us, we proposed it to Élisabth Borne“, he said. Tuesday evening, at the end of the meeting between the government and representatives of the sector, the government was pleased to have “moves the lines“. “It’s a real effort”, according to Michel-Édouard Leclerc, “fuel is 10 billion in turnover“. “Some stores make 30% of their turnover from fuels“, he clarified, believing that he “refiners need to put their hands in their pockets», particularly for networks of independent stations. There will be “every month a meeting point, including with the public authorities, we want the oil companies to participate“, he said.

Dominique Schelcher also announced “an impactful operation for purchasing power» in Système U stores starting October 20 and 21. “We are going to give 10% (discount) on all food in our stores, beauty products, tores, every 15 days“, until the beginning of December, he announced. This operation does not include alcohol and requires being “store card holder“, he clarified.

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