the funny secrets of La Zarra 48 hours before Eurovision

After being at the heart of the turmoil for her escapades, the representative of France in the international singing competition spoke on BFMTV.

Caprices, last minute cancellations then radio silence. Since mid-April, La Zarra is frequently singled out for her antics. The Québécoise, representative of France at theEurovisionsuccessively canceled her performance at the concert dedicated to the international competition, complained about the unsanitary conditions of her room before canceling all of her promotional services.

Thursday evening, 48 hours before the final of the musical event held in Liverpool, La Zarra spoke. Smiling, the singer wanted to be reuring and serene at the microphone of BFMTV. “For now I’m fine, maybe the stress will go up before I go,” she explained before ensuring that “everything was under control”.

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Faced with a question from the journalist on the forecasts of the bookmakers which ranks France in fourth place, the interpreter ofObviously had an amazing reaction. After soberly answering that “the forecasts were constantly changing”La Zarra has radically changed the subject.

“Despite the clification”

“At the base, I like to arrive a little incognito, like a submarine. The last few weeks there has been a lot of attention on me., she explained without transition. Under the spotlight for the wrong reasons, the singer confessed that she would have “really preferred to create the surprise”. For Saturday evening, the representative of France “does not want to have any regrets”. “If I did everything well, if I sang well, then I will be proud despite the ranking”she concluded with a smile.

Saturday evening at 9 p.m., viewers will be able to follow Eurovision on France 2. From Liverpool, where this 67th edition is exceptionally held after Ukraine’s victory last year, La Zarra will perform his title Obviously to hope to win the singing competition against 25 other countries in competition.

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