the games of love and pleasure by Emmanuel Mouret on Canal +

By Eric Neuhoff



Simon (Vincent Macaigne)
and Charlotte (Sandrine Kiberlain)
in a modern and elegant marivaudage. Pascal Chantier/2022 Moby Films / Arte France Cinéma/Canal+

CRITICISM – In “Chronicle of a temporary affair”, Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne live a delicious adultery. A film not to be missed this Tuesday March 14 at 9:10 p.m. on Canal + and MyCanal.

When he meets Charlotte (Sandrine Kiberlain), Simon (Vincent Macaigne) is not at the end of his troubles. They go on a first date in a bar. She is lively, relaxed. He is clumsy, hesitant, entangled. Neither one nor two, she takes him home, offers him tea, makes him listen to Ravi Shankar. He has been married for twenty years. She has a son. We feel that he is not used to this kind of adventure. What got into him?

Modern Marivaudage

They meet again. She thinks he has artistic hands. He is a gynecologist. She pleases him. Her moles draw the Big Dipper. She is a literature teacher. He panics. He runs after her. She’s going too fast. This contrast is the charm, the piquancy of Chronique d’un liaison transient, a modern and elegant marivaudage. The off-beat duo looks like slapstick where Vincent Macaigne and Sandrine Kiberlain would have replaced Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne form a rejuvenated couple from Rhone. This film by Emmanuel Mouret modestly evokes the theme of adultery.

The director surely admires Preston Sturges. He has the gift of making speech photogenic. He films foot to the floor. Rhythm and modesty are the two breasts of his talent. His heroes play badminton, discuss everything and nothing, the expiry date of condoms, the merits of hair removal. We are not serious when we are 50 years old.

Meanders of social networks

These people meet in galleries, bookstores, at the Palais de Tokyo. They can’t believe what is happening to them. A friend lends his bachelor pad. Charlotte darkens, jumps on the pleasure with both feet. Pion, no thanks. This enchanted parenthesis is enough for him. Simon reflects, asks himself questions. He loses himself in endless speeches. We want to shake it. Go ahead, enjoy. What an idea to talk about his wife! Does she want to see a picture of herself? Are you out of your mind?

Mouret immerses his characters in the maze of social networks. This will muddy the waters. You don’t have to make a drama out of it. They will not forget these four months. There were, yes, these hotels, these museums, these laughs under the sheets, these public gardens, this architect’s house deep in the woods. Without realizing it, they will have known eternal moments. There is a springtime and carefree side to this sentimental and romantic stroll that Chardonne would not have hated. Sandrine Kiberlain smiles, backfired. Vincent Macaigne stammers, blushes. Love is a game.

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