The Girondins de Bordeaux appeal to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra

DECRYPTION – Downgraded to National, the club of Gérard Lopez is counting on the Minister of Sports to speed up the procedure before the CNOSF.

Relegated to National administratively by the National Management Control Department (DNCG) in mid-June, the Girondins de Bordeaux saw their appeal rejected on Tuesday by the appeal committee of the French Football Federation (FFF). The Bordeaux leaders, who described this decision as“unfair and unacceptable”have not yet said their last word.

The victory of Nice before the CNOSF in 2002, the precedent which leaves a tiny hope in Bordeaux

Referral to the CNOSF and re-examination of the file

The next step for the Girondins de Bordeaux is referral to the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). The Bordeaux management has a maximum period of 15 days to appeal, from the moment the notification of the decision taken by the FFF appeal committee has been written.

According to the Bordeaux club, which announced that it was exercising its appeal to the CNOSF on Tuesday evening, the plan proposed by its shareholder would fully meet the expectations expressed by the DNCG commission in the first instance to meet the financing of the 40 million euros requested. It would also demonstrate the total commitment of Gérard Lopez in the rescue of the club.

The Girondins de Bordeaux “in danger”: Gérard Lopez, “the acrobat of finance” facing the worst-case scenario

The CNOSF will therefore have to meet to re-examine the Girondins de Bordeaux file in order to verify whether the National Management Control Department (DNCG) of the Professional Football League (LFP) and the French Football Federation (FFF) have not made a mistake in the procedure, and then judge whether the demotion decision taken is justified or not.

The Comex of the FFF only very rarely judges the recommendations of the federal DNCG, although it can – in theory – oppose the decision.

The call to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra

A new protagonist should join the case: Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. The Girondins de Bordeaux appeal to the new Minister of Sports to speed up the procedure with the CNOSF. Contacted by Le Figarothe Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games has not responded at this time.

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Minister of Sports. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

Two options in the hands of the administrative court

The final stage for the Girondins de Bordeaux would be played in the administrative court with two possibilities put on the table. First, the club’s lawyers will be able to file a summary freedom, subject to referral to the CNOSF. The management will then have to put forward arguments that would prove that the decision of the DNCG and the FFF infringes fundamental freedoms. The deadline for this procedure is generally quick: a hearing is organized 48 hours after the judge has accepted the request.

Last option for the Bordelais goes through an appeal on the merits which would challenge the legality of the decision. This step would be accompanied by a summary of provisional suspension which would freeze the file pending the hearing.

If no decision is taken before July 30, the date of the resumption of the Ligue 2 championship, then the demotion of the Girondins de Bordeaux to National 1 will be definitively confirmed.

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